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A 400 year old American tradition confronts a 21st century global demand. This is the urgent story about preserving the oceans, fish and our fishermen.
For centuries, cod fed the world and built our nation. But today, the iconic American fisherman is caught in a perfect storm of foreign competition, erratic regulations and declining fish stocks. This film will reveal to consumers what they don’t know about where their fish comes from, who is catching it, and how it lands on their plate.



As scientists struggle to count fish, and conservationists attempt to save them, America’s oldest fishing community – Gloucester, Massachusetts is dying. Fishermen are losing their livelihood and even their homes. Last year, NOAA imposed a historic cut to the cod quota — a 78% catch reduction. Then, on Nov. 10, 2014 — the U.S. government closed the Gulf of Maine.

Sean on Deck

FISH & MEN explores the forces threatening our commercial fishing industry and depicts how our choices as consumers impact markets and drive change. Finally, we hope the solutions featured in this film will spark a movement to improve food safety, save jobs and protect the marine environment.

We will take our audience on a global journey. Preserving species, thriving fishermen, and feeding the world are all possible. This film spells out to consumers where their fish comes from, who is catching it, and how it lands on their plate. But it goes even further. To show how and why we must change the way we currently supply seafood in the United States today.

The Problems

“We’re only willing to eat a certain number of species. And so what we’ve done is create an entire irrational economy that’s based on demand instead of what the oceans can sustainably supply.”
– Barton Seaver
Chef, Author, and Director of Sustainable Seafood at Harvard University School of Public Health

The hidden story no one is talking about

Cheap imported fish continues to flood U.S. markets. In fact, 91% of the seafood Americans eat is imported — and only 1% is inspected by the FDA. Even in coastal towns, fish fed to schoolchildren and consumed in most restaurants is imported from thousands of miles away, frozen and thawed. Meanwhile, the bounty of healthy fish that might be sustainably fished from the thousands of miles of pristine coastline of the United States is being suppressed.

FoF - Fish Supply Chain
The Solutions

Great models already exist.

In Iceland and Norway, cod has been brought back from the brink of collapse. Models built upon innovation, collaboration and an entrepreneurial spirit are spawning new opportunities where a “more from less” approach means efficiency and profitability. Here in the U.S., forward-thinking fishermen are working with sustainbly-minded celebrity chefs in New York and Los Angeles to form business partnerships that bring locally harvested seafood direct to restaurants and consumers, reducing the supply chain and sparking a new model for the future. New frontiers in aquaculture promise environmentally sustainable food and jobs. Public health safety by harvesting the abundantly available domestic fish, along with improvements in the regulation of imported seafood by increasing inspections, enacting traceability requirements and implementing consistent sustainability standards.


Aquapod™ Net Pens by Steve Page of Ocean Farm Technologies Inc.

This film is about learning what is, and how things ought to be and can be, with enough consumer awareness and enough political will. This film is urgently needed to spark a long overdue national conversation and change fish consumption in the United States.

Chef Ned Bell

Chef Ned Bell’s goal for the future of sustainable seafood

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From Dock To Dish: A New Model Connects Chefs To Local Fishermen

Published: Sep. 2, 2015
“Nearly 100 pounds of gleaming, fresh-caught California yellowtail and white sea bass arrived at Chef Michael Cimarusti’s Los Angeles-based restaurant Providence on Wednesday morning. But this wasn’t just another ho-hum seafood delivery.
Read the complete story on NPR.

Chef Michael Cimarusti Launches Dock To Dish, California’s First Restaurant-Supported Fishery

Published: Sep. 1, 2015
Michael Cimarusti, executive chef and co-owner of L.A.’s critically acclaimed Providence, has announced that the restaurant will be the pilot eatery for California’s first Restaurant Supported Fishery (RSF), Dock to Dish. Dock to Dish connects local fishermen (in this case, over a dozen of them from Santa Barbara) to member restaurants, which receive weekly deliveries of fresh, wild-caught seafood. Dock to Dish also has outposts in Montauk, New York and Key West. The concept is modeled after the land-based cooperatives known as Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). – Read the full LA Weekly article.

Event: A Conversation about Spawning a Sustainable Future

Published: Mar. 3, 2015
“I had the pleasure of attending a very special event at the Boston Center for Adult Education (BCAE) in beautiful Boston, MA for Fish & Men: A Feature Documentary. – Read the complete review in the Foodie Fun Blog.

Article: “Gloucester featured in fishing documentary in the works”

Published: Feb. 11, 2015
“If all goes according to plan — and let’s face it, when it comes to the art of filmmaking, almost nothing goes according to plan — New Hampshire filmmakers Darby Duffin and Adam Jones will premiere their fishing documentary in the summer or early fall.” – Read the entire interview in the Gloucester Daily Times.

Audio: Fish Nerds Short Cast #4 – Fish & Men

Posted: Dec. 27, 2014
– Listen to the complete interview with Co-Director Adam Jones on

Event: Documentary Sneak Peek and Reaction Panel

Lecture date: June 4, 2014.
Filmmakers Adam Jones and Darby Duffin presented a short cut of their unfinished documentary, Fish & Men, and spoke about sustainable fishing in the U.S. and imported seafood. A reaction panel of experts discussed the film and the topics it raises.

Check out Paul Greenberg’s new book American Catch

American Catch

Pick up Barton Seaver‘s cookbook For Cod and Country

For Cod and Country

Community Supported Fisheries (CSFs)

Buy fresh fish from our boy Josh Wiersma at N.H. Community Seafood
or our friends Angela Sanfilippo and Niaz Dorry at Cape Ann Fresh Catch.



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Darby Duffin Director/Producer

Director Darby Duffin

Camera operator Jonathon Millman and Director Darby Duffin

Darby Duffin brings a unique combination of media experience to directing and producing his first feature documentary. Living in Los Angeles for eight years, Duffin worked in motion picture production and development including work with Oscar and Emmy Award-winning producer Cary Brokaw at Avenue Pictures. Prior, he worked closely with Adam Sandler’s producing partner, Barry Bernardi and also at Creative Artists Agency (CAA). He began his career as an actor studying at the famed Playhouse West under Jeff Goldblum and auditioning for the likes of Francis Coppola and Wolfgang Petersen. In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, Darby served for five years as a public affairs officer and spokesperson for FEMA where he gained an in-depth knowledge of newsmaking and crisis communications. Today his company, On a Mission Media, provides creative visual content and media consulting services for corporate, government and nonprofit clients. The mini-doc series he co-produced for Pfizer has gained 2+ million channel views. Duffin lives with his family in the New Hampshire Seacoast region.


Adam Jones Director/Producer

Director Adam Jones

Director Adam Jones

Adam Jones has directed hundreds of TV commercials and branded content projects in every major market in the the US for national and international brands like Nokia, Nascar, Holiday Inn, Philips, Nationwide and Progressive. His spotwork and digital work and has won numerous awards including a Cannes Gold Lion and the FWA Site of the Year. Jones specializes in comedy dialogue and improv, as well as documentary style–extruding performances and stories from non-actors and sports celebs. His web series The Stay-At-Home Dad, which he directed and co-wrote, was dubbed “Mega-popular” on Comedy Central’s He received a nomination for NH Filmmaker of the year in 2007. He is a founding board member of the Monadnock International Film Festival in Keene, NH. Jones launched his media company Blood Brothers Content with partner Andrew Swee in 2013 based out of NYC. Jones resides in Henniker, NH, and is represented in NY/LA for commercials by No Smoke. Fish & Men is Jones’ first documentary feature.


Derek McKane, Cinematographer

Cinematographer Derek McKane

Derek McKane, Director of Photography, has an extensive resume of commercials, independent features, shorts and documentaries. His recent work includes the feature films A Little Game (dir. Evan Oppenheimer), Five Dances (dir. Alan Bown), Private Romeo (dir. Alan Brown), Superheroes (dir. Alan Brown),The Last New Yorker (dir. Harvey Wang) and the documentary From Darkroom to Daylight (dir. Harvey Wang). Commercial clients include Nationwide, Microsoft, adidas, Sony, Advil, Verizon among others. The Sundance Film Festival has presented two of his short films: Late Bloomer (dir. Craig MacNeil) and Sony Dreams: Flight (dir. Alison MacLean). When he’s not shooting, you’ll find Derek swimming or surfing – he’s one of the few people who wax poetic about his wetsuit collection.


Arlene Nelson, Cinematographer

Cinematographer Arlene Nelson

Cinematographer Arlene Nelson

Arlene Nelson is an award-winning film, television and commercial cinematographer. She recently shot the 2014 Emmy-nominated Valentine Road for director Marta Cunningham. Nelson contributed additional photography to director Morgan Neville’s 2014 Oscar-winning documentary 20 Feet from Stardom. Also known for her work on the doc-style comedies of Christopher Guest, including A Mighty Wind and For Your Consideration. Nelson earned an Outstanding Cinematography for Nonfiction Emmy nomination for her work on the PBS documentary Troubadours: Carole King, James Taylor & the Rise of the Singer-Songwriter. Nelson also received the Amsterdam International Film Festival’s Excellence in Cinematography Award for her work on Harry Shearer’s documentary The Big Uneasy. Other documentaries include Showtime’s Sunset Strip, and Awake in the Dream, with Oscar-nominated director Paola Di Florio. For the past year, Nelson has been shooting with Oscar-winning director for The Cove, Louie Psihoyos on his upcoming documentary project.